FREE Estimating Software Spreadsheet with purchase of the Electronic Plan Takeoff Software Measuring Plug-In for Excel® FREE Estimating Spreadsheet Templates available:    2 hour TRAINING & Support are INCLUDED.

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FANTASTIC Construction Estimating & Takeoff made VERY  VERY  Easy

14 day Trial is only for the Electronic Plan Takeoff Measuring Software Measuring Plug-In for Excel®,  NOT the FREE estimating spreadsheet. You get the FREE spreadsheet with purchase of the Electronic Plan Takeoff Measuring Software.

This construction estimating takeoff software program can even work on a Mac, call for details

  • Do you use Microsoft Excel for Estimating?
  • Are you spending a fortune printing drawings?
  • Do you receive Electronic Plans in PDF, tiff, jpeg, AutoCAD® , gif, wmf, bmp, cpc, etc formats?
  • Need to Bid MORE Jobs FASTER & ACCURATELY?
  • Need to be More COMPETITIVE?

We have the perfect solution for YOU !!!

  • Do you estimate projects at night & on weekends?  Would you like to spend more time with your Family?

Well look no further, we carry Planswift, On-Screen Takeoff by On Center Software & our Featured FANTASTIC EXCEL Plug-In to perform ELECTRONIC  PLAN TAKEOFF.   Simple FACT:  80% of ALL construction trades and estimators use Microsoft Excel®  to estimate construction projects. Why you may ask?  Because it is VERY  EASY for YOU to customize an Excel® spreadsheet for takeoff of materials or even construction labor & equipment items. Our Electronic Plan Takeoff Software automatically PLUGS into your Excel® spreadsheet, or our FREE Estimating spreadsheet, or a blank spreadsheet.  Just start your spreadsheet, then for a measurement, click a takeoff action button in Excel®, your drawing launches, you measure your takeoff with your mouse and it automatically enters the value into YOUR Excel spreadsheet®.  It’s that EASY as the videos above show you. To see some SCREEN SHOTS CLICK HERE. The Excel® plugin works in IMPERIAL, METRIC, ENGINEERS & Reduced/Enlarged/Auto Scales.

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You can read our review of our 3 electronic plan takeoff measuring systems HERE.

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